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My new Site

27 Apr

Hello all,


Thanks for making BreakDroid a success. I mostly made it just to see if I could and so far it has worked out. I have had several thousand downloads thus far. Donations are pretty low about $50 total but thats not why I made it in the first place it’s just a perk. Anyway to point of this post it to introduce you to my newest site Steven’s Scripts. Like I said earlier I just like to tinker and see if I can make things work by scripting them for automation. If you have a Mac check it out. Most of my scripts are for Mac but some may work on linux.

My first script is for Mac users with Google Voice.


Added KindleWater

23 Apr

The KindleWater front end has been added to BreakDroid. The root method is the same. KindleWater adds a little more user interface to the process.


Check the download section for the update


Updated to 0.6.1

06 Apr

To add the individual steps for the Kindle Fire root for those having problems.


Update to Support Kindle Fire 6.3

03 Apr

Version 0.6 is availibale in the downloads section.


  • The Kindle Fire tools:

    Has been tested and working on version’s 6.2.2 and 6.3

  • The Galaxy Nexus Tools:

    Has been tested and working on version 0.4.3+

  • The Galaxy Note Tools:

    Needs to be tested more. It will only work with some Galaxy Note’s just test it. It shouldn’t hurt even if it doesn’t work.

  • psneuter Root Exploit:

    Please google it to see if your phone can be rooted with this method.

  • GingerBreak Root Exploit:

    Please google it to see if your phone can be rooted with this method.

  • Root Multiple Devices (zergRush Exploit):

    Should work with many phones. Basically any phone that can be rooted with the zergRush exploit. There is a long list in the Root Multiple Devices Readme in the app. Please try it if you are brave enough. I don’t think it can hurt your phone it just may not work.